FAQs For Employers

What is it like to hire technical and IT talent with CornerStone TTS?

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What services does your tech recruiting firm offer?

CornerStone Technology Talent Services offers IT staffing services to our clients. No matter your size or industry, we can help you find a wide variety of IT candidates from help desk to software development, hardware technicians, and network experts to the cloud, big data, and cybersecurity. These talented individuals are available under various employment arrangements, from contract and contract-to-hire to direct hire staffing.

What sets CornerStone Tech Talent, a tech staffing firm in Dallas-Fort Worth, apart from competitors?

CornerStone Technology Talent Services is a tech staffing firm in Dallas-Fort Worth. We are backed by CornerStone Staffing, the largest staffing and recruiting agency with 12 offices across Texas and Arizona. Our networks and expertise go well beyond most tech staffing firms in Dallas-Fort Worth. We are a local, woman-owned agency with a national reach—which means our networks of IT talent are vast.

Recruiting in IT is complicated, but our team understands this world, the technology, and the markets we serve. If you’re struggling to find IT talent, our team can help!

Why partner with a tech staffing firm like CornerStone Tech Talent Services, instead of filling the position on my own?

Acquiring top-tier IT talent has become an increasingly overwhelming task. Relying solely on job postings and waiting for resumes to stream in is no longer sufficient. In this competitive landscape, your company finds itself competing with numerous other businesses to attract the finest tech professionals. However, you can put your worries to rest with the assistance of CornerStone Tech Talent Services—a reputable resource that significantly streamlines the IT recruiting process, making it significantly more manageable for your organization.

What types of jobs do CornerStone Tech Talent Services recruit for?

Our IT staffing services firm offers contract and contract-to-hire staffing in Texas, Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, Indiana and beyond. Our direct-hire staffing team works across the United States.

What types of tech roles and positions can your agency help us fill?

We can help fill:

  • Break/Fix Hardware Support
  • Cable & Fiber Management
  • Cloud Computing
  • Database Administration
  • Data Center Operations
  • Deployment Services
  • End User Support
  • Help Desk
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Network Engineering
  • OS Management
  • PC Technicians
  • Project Management and Analytics
  • Server and Tool Monitoring
  • Software Development
  • And more!

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What does a typical client look like for CornerStone Tech Talent?

CornerStone TTS works with high-performing organizations with a passion for IT. We seek the kind of client that collaborates with our team to find the best fit for the job requirement and the company culture. Together, we pursue job candidates in highly technical roles to help our clients succeed.

Does CornerStone Tech Talent place contract roles?

Yes, we place contract and contract to hire roles.

Where are you located?

CornerStone Technology Talent Services is a tech staffing firm headquartered in Dallas-Fort Worth, but we offer contract and contract to hire staffing services throughout Texas, Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, Indiana, and more. Our direct hire and executive IT staffing services are offered nationwide.